Service Learning

Montessori education fosters respect for others and inspires children to build positive relationships and make contributions to the local community and the world. Care of the environment, self, and others is built into the curriculum from the toddler years through adolescence.

In the elementary classes the children take part in a wide range of service learning and local activities, such as:

* Clean Up Columbia is a yearly project that WSMS has taken part in since our existence. The students make a day of cleaning litter from the Stephen’s Lake park area and having a picnic lunch.

* Each year students work with the Voluntary Action Center to  adopt a large family in need.  The students organize the collection of household goods, holiday gifts, and food for the family and then make the delivery of the donations to the Voluntary Action Center.

* Stewardship of the earth and its resources is practiced through recycling programs, composting, gardening, and nature study.

* Other projects have included raising money for the Ronald McDonald House and volunteering at the local Food Bank.