Enrichment Programs

The daily classroom curriculum includes a wealth of subject matter based on the the history of the world and biological evolution since prehistoric times. This is presented using illustrated time lines. Humankind time on Earth is divided into epochs and students trace the development of society through the means of meeting the basic needs of humans. The areas of possible study for each child are limited only by the child’s interests.

Music Education

Once a week Margaret Waddell, MFA, visits our classrooms for an hour of formal music education.  Margaret’s curriculum is based on a combination Kodaly and Orff.

Foreign Language

Marcela Chávez, MA in Spanish Literature, visits the class to conduct Spanish classes for small groups of students.  Many of children have been studying with Sra. Chávez beginning in primary classes (at Children’s House or WSMS) since early childhood. Their proficiency benefits from their continued study of Spanish through upper elementary years.

The Arts

Visiting Artist Program – Each month an artist from the field of visual arts, literature or the performing artsmusic, drama, dance, and film, will visit the classroom to demonstrate his/her art and technique and if possible help the children experiment with the techniques used. Visits to local galleries and exhibits supplement the program. At the end of the school year an Art Walk is taken to tour the arts venues in downtown Columbia. The program functions with the support from a parent committee.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor study is an important part of the WSMS curriculum. Maria Montessori believed that children at a young age could learn to appreciate and care for the natural world around them. Our playground is designed to be a “naturescape,” incorporating as many natural materials as possible, including hills, grassy areas, water, and rocks as well as tree trunks and branches as natural climbing structures. Botany, biology, and ecology are important areas of study, while students focus on elements such as well as biomes, the atmosphere, and organic gardening. Outdoor daylong expeditions are taken throughout the year to local creeks, rivers, and parks.

Physical Education

Gymnastics Express a gymnastics class held in a travelling modelled school bus operated by Kathy and Jeff Connors, comes to WSMS once a week.
WSMS Track Club will be open to all students.    Activities include training, races, and volunteering at Columbia Track Club events.