Maria Montessori believed that no human being is ever educated by another. Each must educate himself. Therefore, the goal of early childhood education should be to cultivate the child’s natural desire to learn. In the Montessori class, this objective is achieved by allowing the child to experience the excitement of learning through self-guided decision-making.


Preschool Classes (Age 3 to 5)

Each child learns to work in the “prepared environment.” They select their materials from a graduated set that is ordered through levels of difficulty. They enjoy the presence of other children, but do not necessarily work directly with others. Each child is free to pursue activities according to their needs for solitude or companionship, and learns to respect those rights and needs in others. Social situations are not imposed on children, but rather, they are encouraged or allowed to emerge spontaneously.

The children may come together in small or large groups. They may participate in a variety of daily activities, which may include: stories, conversation, discussion, cooperative or individual work effort, singing or movement activities, indoor or outdoor games or free play.

At children’s house, we have 3 preschool classes, providing individual cares children need;

  1. Yellow-Up
  2. Red-Up
  3. Red-Down