Montessori Classes

THE TODDLER CLASS (age 2 to 3.5)
The Montessori philosophy and approach seen in the preschool class likewise guide the development of the toddler class. Goals for toddlers include the development of coordination, body image and awareness, independence, self direction, concentration, task focus and beginning social skills.
The toddler classroom is planned and prepared especially so that the entering child may experience success in work activity while the continuing child finds stimulation and challenge. Emphasis is on self care, gross motor skills, sensory education and verbal and auditory language development. A child need not be toilet trained to enter the toddler class.

Maria Montessori believed that no human being is ever educated by another. Each must educate himself. Therefore, the goal of early childhood education should be the cultivation of the child's natural desire to learn. In the Montessori class this objective is approached by allowing children to experience the excitement of learning by making their own choices and by helping them to develop their natural tools for learning.
Each child learns to work in the "prepared environment", enjoying the presence of other children, but not necessarily working directly with others. Each child is free to pursue activities according to individual needs for solitude or companionship, while respecting those rights and needs of others. Social situations are not imposed on children. Rather, they are encouraged and allowed to develop spontaneously. The children may come together in small or large (groups to participate in activities which may include stories, conversation, discussion, cooperative or individual work effort, singing or movement activities, indoor or outdoor games or free play.

Extended day class
The extended day class is offered to children up to age 6, providing them with the enriched intellectual and social environment that they require. Exploration in more advanced language, mathematics, science, geography, history, art and music is individually programmed for each child. This session is 8:30‑2:45. Children who are enrolled in this program are expected to attend school for these hours daily for the academic year. Children age 4 will have a quiet time after lunch. Day care is available in conjunction with the Montessori classes.

Child Care
Day care is available in conjunction with the Montessori classes.

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