International Day of Peace

on Sep 21, 2015 |

Today, we commemorated the UN International Day of Peace by inviting each child to express what Peace means to them. The answers we received were truly heartwarming, so we compiled a list of the most memorable ones for everyone’s enjoyment.

“Peace is…”

  • “A rainbow”
  • “Mommy Earth”
  • “Not kicking and screaming”
  • “Snuggling with my Mom and Dad”
  • “Mommy and Daddy and trucks”
  • “My dogs and my parents”

“I feel peaceful when…”

  • “I am baking eggs with my Dad.”
  • “I have my toad”
  • “I am alone”
  • “I work hard”

Every Montessori school in the world held a peace ceremony at 12:00pm local time, during which the students and staff gather in a circle to sing the Peace Song. This is done in the hopes that the Peace Song will be sung continuously for 24 hours. Our students prepared well for their moment, and the end result sounded beautifully. We’d like to thank those parents who reviewed the lyrics with their children and opened discussions with them about what it means to be a Peacemaker.

Enjoy the linked video!