History & Mission Statement


Our school was founded in 1972 by Carolyn and Richard Angus and Mary Angela and Walter Johnson with the goal of providing Montessori education to children and has been in operation continually since. Since its inception, Children’s House has been affiliated with American Montessori Society (AMS is recognized by the United States Department of Education). Memberships with the National Montessori Teachers Association and the International Montessori Council are also maintained. The school is housed in two adjacent residences on Tiger Avenue on the MU campus, termed the “Red” and “Yellow” Buildings – from the color of their bricks.

In 1997, Mary Windmiller took over from Mary Angela Johnson as Children’s House’s Director. Kyung Kang, our current Director, accepted the position from Mary in 2012. Children’s House is an incorporated, not-for-profit 501c3 entity.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with an early and general foundation that fosters a positive attitude toward school, inner security and a sense of order. We aim to cultivate their sense of pride in the physical environment, to stimulate their curiosity, to encourage habits of concentration, initiative, and persistence. We want our students to value their ability to make decisions, to be self-disciplined, and to practice being responsible to other members of their class, school, and community.